Choosing a Boat Letter Style

In choosing a boat letter style that goes well with your boat, consider what it is you would like to portray. Make a quick list of the words you associate with your boat. Fun, fast, exciting? Classy, confident, expensive? Is it a fishing boat, or is it for cruising? Is it a family boat, or are you hoping to attract a mate with it?

 boat lettering style

Boat Lettering Style

Without getting too personal, these are things you might consider. Then when you call your boat lettering expert, you can tell them how you’re looking for a font that portrays these ideas. Most people in the boat lettering business are artists, and they will be able to relate to this. The words you use will bring to mind different letter styles. You may want your boat name to reflect your personality. Are you sedate, or are you full of energy? This is the power of different fonts: the ability to portray feelings.

Boat lettering styles may sound like so much hoopla, but it is a fact. The boat lettering you choose says a lot about you. And your boat, by proxy. If you call us at Crackerjack Signs and Boat Lettering, we will strive to understand what it is you want to convey. If you’re unsure, don’t worry about it. We will provide you with several choices to look at, at no cost to you, until you see something that looks just right for your boat.

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